Kyle. 19. Military Brat. Sophomore at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide.


Life Update

So, since I’ve been Tumblr M.I.A. here is what has been going on in my life: 

  • I’m working at the Ttown school system as the PR intern for the next year. Good experience and better moneyhow often can someone say that? Haha
  • About 2-3 weeks ago I decided to use the last year of my scholarship/GI Bill to pay for a MPA rather than goof off for a year. As of yesterday, I’m in the program officially and will start come the fall semester. Woot! Two degrees for the price of none! 
  • I was selected to be a 2014-2015 Google Student Ambassador for Alabama.
  • I’m going to San Francisco July 23-30 
  • I’m going to the Out for Undergrad Tech Conference in SF in October 
  • My dental hygienist is Bradley Byrne’s sister-in-law so I might (big might!) get a job working for him/his campaigns next year/after my MPA. Yay dental hygiene connectiosn
  • I’m working on NYE plans and staying at the Bellagio this year. 

So, besides the massive fight I just had with my parents, life is pretty great. 

How are y’all? 

Got my Tumblr Account Back!

This has been quite an ordeal but I got my Tumblr account back. I’m pretty sure my account got hit by Heartbleed or whatever that was. Glad to have it back, haha

I love having my baby girl here! Gonna be hard to let her go in 2 weeks. #Puppy #Dog #BlackLab #GermanShephard #Mut #Puppylove

I love having my baby girl here! Gonna be hard to let her go in 2 weeks. #Puppy #Dog #BlackLab #GermanShephard #Mut #Puppylove


Closer look on the illustrations and animations I came up for Oh JK Rowling. I purposely slowed down the gifs so you can clearly appreciate the transitions. All the illustrations are rendered in Illustrator, then transferred and animated in After Effects.

DFTBA, y’all!


Bing Wrights: Broken Mirror / Evening Sky , 2012

James Harris Gallery is pleased to present Broken Mirror/Evening Sky, a new series of striking landscape photographs by New York based artist Bing Wright. Departing from his usual pared down images in grey palettes, Wright offers us moving skyscape photographs of richly colored sunsets reflected onto broken mirrors. This new body of work marks his first return to color photography in almost a decade.