Kyle. 19. Military Brat. Sophomore at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide.


Some stuff to know…

I’m Kyle and this is my tumblr. Things to know about me and my blog: 

  • I’m 18
  • Military brat, I’m very patriotic so if you don’t like America, GTFO 
  • Lived all over the place including Germany for 8 years, Willkommen!
  • I live in Alabama 
  • Go to the University of Alabama, majoring in Public Relations
  • You can expect a lot of posts about SEC/Bama related sports
  • I’m originally from Boston
  • I’m a die hard Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Revolution fan (see a pattern?) 
  • I write for fun. Not like poems and what not, like stories. Want to read some of it sometime let me know
  • I love to read so I may occasionally go off on tangents about books I just read and/or reading
  • I may also ask for book recommendations so be on the lookout
  • I like all kinds of music so recommend some to me
  • I am obsessed with: Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, Rome, Spartacus, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and others
  • Recommend me tv shows I already have misfits, luther, sherlock and Torchwood on the queue
  • I’m gay
  • I love politics and I’m very politically opinionated so I will post my opinions 
  • I’m politically moderate, leaning right (Socially liberal, fiscally conservative) 
  • I despise political correctness, so WARNING: this blog will NOT be politically correct

That’s pretty much the summation of my blog/me. I reblog pictures/graphics/gifs/etc. often enough but a lot of my blog is me actually writing about me life or whats going on in it. 

Hope you enjoy my blog! Thanks for the follow! =)