Kyle. 19. Military Brat. Sophomore at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide.


I was starting to get semi-excited about this guy because we were talking/cuddling, etc. But tonight he went and hooked up with someone and then told me about it. I know when I’ve been friend zoned.

Is it weird that I can handle sex with someone but cuddling I want to like the person?

Climb the mountain so you can see the world, not so the world can see you.

game of thrones meme (1/9) characters
The rain had washed the guard’s blood off her fingers, she wore a sword across her back, wolves were prowling through the dark like lean shadows, and Arya Stark was unafraid.


"Aurora, there is an evil in this world and I can not keep you from it."



Stop asking for 2014 to be good to you. Fucking grab your balls and make it good.

Grabbed balls and just ended up masturbating. Instructions were unclear.

Studying Abroad

So, I have the opportunity to study abroad and my family is totally on board as long as I can get my scholarship or the GI Bill to cover it. The way both of those work, a summer semester (which would be ideal) is pretty much out of the question. That leaves my senior fall or spring semesters. I really want to walk and there aren’t any programs that would get me back in time for graduation so that leaves the fall semester. 

As y’all know, I go to Alabama. Arguably, the biggest football school in the country. So fall semester is a pretty big deal but would I be dumb to not study abroad when this is my last football season? I feel like yes but then I love my school in this football team but, then again, the team will still be there - living abroad will not. 

I wanted to go to Australia or South Africa but there’s no affordable program that I can find that my scholarship would cover. I’m leaning toward Glasgow, Scotland because my school has an exchange program with them. Thoughts? Has anyone been? There’s also a bunch of schools in England but Scotland just seems more appealing to me. I’d prefer Dublin but there isn’t a program :/ 

Thoughts? Criticisms? I need to talk this out.