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Disney villains are quite loved by the gay community. How do you feel about being an inspiration for drag queens?

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One option for a 5 hour car ride with a girl I can’t stand and the other was third wheeling like a champ…I’m regretting not getting in the car right about now.

Oh yes, the infamous women in tech and how we’re such a delicate breed of flower that needs to be bowed down to … I find it appalling that there are some women out there who use the term ‘feminism’ to mask the wider problem of bullying, and bullying happens in all industries, not just tech. Because guys are harsh on guys, guys are harsh on girls, girls are actually worse with each other, and girls are bad with guys. So I actually get told to wear makeup or get a designer handbag more by other women than guys.

Caroline McCrory, GigaOm Research’s senior director of product development (via self-ownership)

I’m really really bad at being fake.