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Reppin’ Bama and ASU with Nicole at #USAGSA! #Alabama #Bama #UA #ASU #CrimsonTide #Hornets #Google

Reppin’ Bama and ASU with Nicole at #USAGSA! #Alabama #Bama #UA #ASU #CrimsonTide #Hornets #Google

Studying Abroad

So, I have the opportunity to study abroad and my family is totally on board as long as I can get my scholarship or the GI Bill to cover it. The way both of those work, a summer semester (which would be ideal) is pretty much out of the question. That leaves my senior fall or spring semesters. I really want to walk and there aren’t any programs that would get me back in time for graduation so that leaves the fall semester. 

As y’all know, I go to Alabama. Arguably, the biggest football school in the country. So fall semester is a pretty big deal but would I be dumb to not study abroad when this is my last football season? I feel like yes but then I love my school in this football team but, then again, the team will still be there - living abroad will not. 

I wanted to go to Australia or South Africa but there’s no affordable program that I can find that my scholarship would cover. I’m leaning toward Glasgow, Scotland because my school has an exchange program with them. Thoughts? Has anyone been? There’s also a bunch of schools in England but Scotland just seems more appealing to me. I’d prefer Dublin but there isn’t a program :/ 

Thoughts? Criticisms? I need to talk this out.

If you need me. #nature #country #alabama #bama

If you need me. #nature #country #alabama #bama

In case anyone doubted that  I lived in the country. #cows #pasture #country #Alabama #boomies #livestock #pool

In case anyone doubted that I lived in the country. #cows #pasture #country #Alabama #boomies #livestock #pool

"…until justice rolls down like a mighty stream." The Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, Ala. #CRMC #civilrights #60s #montgomery #alabama #bama #memorials

"…until justice rolls down like a mighty stream." The Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, Ala. #CRMC #civilrights #60s #montgomery #alabama #bama #memorials

My Rant on Facebook Today…

As I scroll through my newsfeed and read comments on articles like the TAMU SGA one…I know I’m committing mental health suicide by reading comments on the internet… I can’t help but see a trend in the comments. People claiming that they’re being discriminated against…well, them and their Christianity. Now, obviously this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this ridiculous notion. No, no one cares that you are Christian. More power to you. What people care about is when you use your religion that is based on LOVE and ACCEPTANCE to justify your closed-mindedness. I don’t care if you support the Biblical definition of marriage (I would say “traditional” like all of you but then I would be saying I could trade my daughter for donkeys and cows and I don’t agree with that). Keep the LGBT community out of your churches. That is justified and completely within your rights as a religious institution. Chances are the majority of us don’t want to be around you anymore than you want to be around us – y’all are such a welcoming group of people after all.

HOWEVER, in the eyes of the LAW (you know that thing that has no religious value) when you continue to use your religious beliefs to discriminate you then become a BIGOT. There is no “You’re discriminating against my Christianity” or “You’re not being fair to my beliefs”. I am being fair to your beliefs, in its correct setting. The law is not that setting. Religion should never be used to justify intolerance and bigotry. And people are not “Trying to destroy Christianity” for telling you such.

I actually love the ideas and beliefs behind Christianity. No, not the views in Leviticus – those are outdated. But the ideas centered on Christ and his message. Love thy neighbor/the Golden Rule/DON’T JUDGE (because, honestly, who the hell are you anyways?)…where did THOSE Christians go? Christians to me are the people you meet who make you want to be Christian. Who are so understanding and loving that even if they disagree with you – they would never wish you to be unhappy or actively pursue ways to keep you unhappy. I’ve met very few of these people in my life –and even fewer here in the so called “Bible Belt” – and just being around these people makes me want to be a better person. Hell, they make me want to drink the Jesus Kool-aid and see what it’s all about. Then I turn around and the majority of the Christian population reminds me why I don’t want to do that.

So be Christian. Actually, PLEASE BE CHRISTIAN. Do great things in the world, love your friends and family and strangers. Show compassion instead of judgment. Read the Gospel instead of Leviticus. However, stop claiming discrimination against your religion. You want discrimination – be a Muslim or a Jew in this country for 10 seconds and come tell me how discriminated your 70 PERCENT MAJORITY is. The government and gays aren’t pushing people away from Christ – YOU ARE.

An old friend of mine puts the gay marriage/equality debate like this: “We legalized ADULTERY. That’s top ten, y’all! TOP.TEN. After we legalize the breaking of a commandment…I think anything is pretty fair game.”

The Winter Wonderland that is the University of Alabama’s quad! #snow #Alabama #Quad #UA

The Winter Wonderland that is the University of Alabama’s quad! #snow #Alabama #Quad #UA


You thought you had a big 4th of July celebration? Here at the University of Alabama, we blow up old dorms to celebrate our freedom.

Roll Tide.

T-Town = Title Town.

  1. National Football Champions
  2. National Gymnastics Champions
  3. National Women’s Golf Champions 
  4. National Softball Champions (an SEC & Alabama first!) 

Some schools take years to win 4 championships…we win that many in a semester.